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Volte Dancewear is excited to present a brand new product unlike any on the market -  Sweat Suckers!!  


Sweat Suckers are designed to fit into any dance shoe, especially paste-box pointe shoes.  Filled with drying agents and a lovely scent, the sweat suckers quickly dry out the shoes while eliminating odor.


1 set of Sweat Suckers can last the lifetime of the shoe, and can be refreshed with any scent of your choice.


Be sure to buy a pair of Sweat Suckers for all your dancer's shoes!!  Save money and your shoes.

Volte Sweat Suckers

SKU: VolteSweat1718
  • Sweat Suckers are meant for use in shoes only. 


    People with allergies to scented products should avoid skin contact with the heart sachet.


    Keep Sweat Suckers away from Children and Pets, as the contents inside the sacks contain dangerous drying agents.


    Do not wash product, as it will damage contents.


    If scented heart loses its aroma, feel free to add a few drops of any scented oil to the back of heart.

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